The U.S. Trade Assistance Directory is the online companion to the Export Yellow Pages. As the leading online marketing platform for U.S. suppliers, Exporters, and Trade Service Providers, our strategy is to build the most comprehensive platform to promote the U.S. trade community with FREE membership for qualifying companies and affordable enhanced online tools for companies seeking broader reach in domestic and international markets.

The U.S. Trade Assistance Directory aids firms wanting to minimize export risk by connecting prospective exporters with U.S. export service firms with diverse offerings, such as export management firms, logistics experts, export trading companies, legal specialists and freight forwarders, all of whom can assist in enabling U.S. exporters easier access to global markets.


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  • Referenced in more than 80 countries and thousands of international trade professionals, the U.S Trade Assistance Directory users are targeted, qualified, business to business decision-makers in all size global organizations.