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Selling Overseas-Formation of foreign subsidiary

- Established local knowledge and capabilities - Legal and Fiscal formation of foreign entity - Completion of formation formalities and domiciliation of a foreign branch office or subsidiary - Establishment of (bank) accounts and completion of necessary paperwork - Obtaining necessary licenses, permits, and certifications - Completion of related personnel and operational requirements

In the beginning our early efforts revealed one of the most significant impediments to businesses in their attempts to penetrate foreign markets: potential customers were reluctant to buy their products from a foreign supplier, with no previous local presence in the country. The concept and network we have developed for the past 35 years enables you to be competitive with local suppliers.

To enter a foreign market there are usually two possibilities: (1) working through a local distributor, and (2) setting up a subsidiary.

While working through a local distributor provides an immediate local presence at no fixed cost to the exporter, there are several significant disadvantages inherent in this option.

Alternatively, setting up a subsidiary, i.e. a separate legal entity under the control of the manufacturer is an option that for many exporters appears to present a complex, costly and difficult path.

InterGest’s efforts to resolve this conundrum led to the creation of a service that levels the playing field for small and medium-sized businesses, permitting them to take part in the globalization process without overextending their resources.

The services we offer are designed to assist you in developing a stable, cost efficient concept for the establishment and continuous operation of a foreign entity under the premise of utmost control and information. It offers customized coordination of all legal, fiscal, monetary, customs and foreign exchange transactions, as well as assistance in logistical matters and operational management in the field of international goods and services transfer, all under one roof.

We enable you to concentrate on your core business, i.e. manufacturing and selling your product while leaving the administrative and financial management worries to us.
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